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in clear text a solution was use that was known even before the invention of computers a hash. Now the vast majority of companies store user passwords not in clear text but in the form of hashes. But attackers are accustome to exploiting the weakest linkhumans. For example in the s Unix became one of the first operating systems to store hashes instead of passwords. However hackers took the most popular passwords now you understand that the password is at least trivial and does not reflect the uniqueness of a person calculate their hash and then stole the user hash database. If the calculate hash coincides with the users then the employee use the corresponding popular password.

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This password attack later evolve to create huge rainbow tables . Therefore if user logins and password hashes are leake hackers can recover most of the original password values in a few minutes. The remaining part is simply bruteforce even the correct complex Russia WhatsApp Number List password can be cracke using a bruteforce attack. Lets assume that the password contains characters includes letters of different case as well as numbers and special characters such recommendations were common among Internet services years ago and even met the recommendations of NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology i . A

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All possible character passwords are on the order of a quadrillion million billion combinations. Once upon a time it would have taken either a lot of time or a lot of money to calculate the hash of each of them and compare it with the database. But now its a matter of minutes and dollars Hive Systems conducte a study and found out that in an digit password is too easy to break. A brute force Vietnam Phone Number List attack on rente cloud hardware those same and with the ability to distribute computing will be very fast. Hive table Hive table Next the creators of Unix modifie the system so that users could not set a simple password and when the hash was first calculate a random number salt was adde to the original combination.

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