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Passwords in the cloud database may be forgotten. Even password managers that create correct passwords and hash them securely sometimes get. Hacke leaving users information compromise. But in most cases it is not yet possible to refuse passwords. Replacement cannot be left Perhaps the most important reason for continuing to use. The familiar loginpassword pair … Read more

A Trojan program on the users

Unlike a traditional password the possession factor is almost impossible to brute force. In a couple of attempts usually the number is configure in the MFA service a hacker must guess a digit number that is the chances of success are a fraction of a percent. In case of several errors when entering a onetime … Read more

Device and access to logins

The remaining fractions of a percent are the responsibility of hackers who do not give up and come up with ways to bypass the additional authentication scheme. In any case MFA makes their task much more difficult and is therefore firmly in the top advice of almost all security experts. And the task of establishing … Read more

The share of the positive class

leaf_threshold the threshold for leaf. can be right max_right max or all . pruning_type right this is exactly what I describe above. We take all the right branches only the sign is use in the conditions in the leaf of which the share of the positive class is higher than leaf_threshold and class objects are … Read more

Branch has a different preiction mechanism

Although the all option in combination with increasing min_positive is also not bad. To do this the researchers use fiberglassreinforce polypropylene rods made as part of another study. The rods were heate and presse into flat slabs then cut into strips four times then heate and presse into slabs again. The strength and elasticity of … Read more

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in clear text a solution was use that was known even before the invention of computers a hash. Now the vast majority of companies store user passwords not in clear text but in the form of hashes. But attackers are accustome to exploiting the weakest linkhumans. For example in the s Unix became one of … Read more

But the threshold values may be

He admitte this decades later so the issue of password security became relevant after another incident. Fernando Corbato in front of the IBM computer for which he wrote a timesharing system with passwords for users MIT Museum Fernando Corbato in front of the IBM computer for which he wrote a timesharing system with passwords for … Read more

This type of trimming turne out

up deteriorating less noticeably than we expecte it turne out that sometimes recycling even improve them. A similar stage in our experiment is pressing the rods into slabs. The next step is to recycle endoflife products instead of putting them in landfill which is where thermoset polymer composites currently end up. Tags Skoltech platik recycling … Read more

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An improvement in properties was note in the first processing cycle when the shape of the product change from a rod to a slab and then the characteristics slightly deteriorate during further processing of slabs into slabs. Scientists explain the research results by choosing the optimal processing technology. As the head of the study Alexander … Read more

The pruning type parameter

Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Recall increase again with accuracy. Random Branch works with regular features not just stacking because we often have a relationship the higher or lower the value of a feature the higher the probability of a … Read more

Of positive class objects in a branch

Yes estimators in the class is bound to the random estate split function trainee steeple. Also inside the class there is a function¬† which counts the number of times. Which features were encountered in the selecte conditions. Writes the result to self. feat recount. Then you can see the frequency of use of each feature. … Read more

Leaf and min_positive the minimum number

in Decision Tree Classifier with the exception of criterion. It was change to entropy criterion entropy splitter best minesam pleseleaf maxed epth. None mines am plesesplit maxillae fen odes None makeweight fractioneleaf. The result can be influence by the splitter parameter which specifies the splitting strategy on each node. Can be best or random. The … Read more