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Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Precision and recall curves for Random Forest and Random Branch Recall increase again with accuracy. Random Branch works with regular features not just stacking because we often have a relationship the higher or lower the value of a feature the higher the probability of a class. It happens that even one feature can divide the data so that we classify several observations with accuracy. By combining features we increase the classification power. But the peculiarity of this algorithm is that we concentrate only on the eges of the feature space base on the assumption that there are the most observations that can be distinguishe with accuracy.

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As practice shows this assumption is justifie. Ignat Chuker yesterday at Skoltech scientists conducte new research into the mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites min Popular Science Chemistry Ecology Researchers from Skoltech have shown how fiberglass can be Sweden WhatsApp Number List processe without significant deterioration in mechanical properties and in some cases even with their improvement. Scientists say new research could make the production of building materials car parts aircraft and marine parts professional sports equipment and other products that end up in landfills more environmentally friendly.

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The results of the study were publishe in the journal Composites Communications the Skoltech press service told the Habr information service. Fiberglass carbon fiber and other reinforce polymer composite materials are fiberreinforce plastics of various types. For example Croatia Phone Number List there are thermosetting and thermoplastic composites. These composites are produce at high temperatures but the former undergo an irreversible chemical reaction when they harden while the latter can be reshape by reheating. Scientists from Skoltech teste how repeate processing of a thermoplastic composite part.

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