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An improvement in properties was note in the first processing cycle when the shape of the product change from a rod to a slab and then the characteristics slightly deteriorate during further processing of slabs into slabs. Scientists explain the research results by choosing the optimal processing technology. As the head of the study Alexander Safonov associate professor at the Skoltech Center for Materials Technologies explaine it is important to preserve the length of the reinforcing fiber during processing. The researchers cut the slabs into strips parallel to the direction of the fibers and thus did not lose fiber length. However if the slabs are cut or crushe.

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In an arbitrary manner as usually happens each processing cycle will be associate with a noticeable decrease in the average fiber length and as a result a deterioration in mechanical characteristics. As for the chemical composition of the material and its thermal properties Switzerland WhatsApp Number List for example melting point they were also controlle at different stages of the experiment and processing will not affect these characteristics. The results of the study give reason to expect that with appropriate regulation thermoset composites that are difficult to recycle can be gradually replace by thermoplastic analogues.

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These analogues will be able to get a second life without a noticeable loss of quality. However the degree of influence of hot molding on the mechanical characteristics of processe products will depend on compliance with the technology and the quality of the Cyprus Phone Number List raw materials. Kirill Minchenkov coauthor of a scientific article graduate student in the Mathematics and Mechanics program at Skoltech Perhaps a relatively simple first step would be to apply hot forming directly in production to newly manufacture defective parts they can immeiately be converte into parts of a different shape with the proper characteristics.

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