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up deteriorating less noticeably than we expecte it turne out that sometimes recycling even improve them. A similar stage in our experiment is pressing the rods into slabs. The next step is to recycle endoflife products instead of putting them in landfill which is where thermoset polymer composites currently end up. Tags Skoltech platik recycling researchWhy are passwords hopelessly outdate and why are they still use min K MTS company blog Information Security In February a study by DLBI on the most popular passwords in Russia was publishe. Analysts collecte accounts email password leake.

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In and identifie unique ones. In total there were million records . Base on this database researchers compile the top most popular passwords. The most popular passwords of qwe qwerty Qwerty This list makes you wonder are we really living in the st century It is surprising Paraguay WhatsApp Number List that despite the abundance of articles about the rules for creating secure passwords people still use options like . But the problem is not only with users after all developers also do not limit the possibility of using such combinations. Even if the service requires a combination of upper and lowercase letters numbers and special characters as a password users choose combinations of adjacent keyboard buttons qazWSX QAZwsx and the like.

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If passwords are so weak is it time to forget them I am Vasily Ognev head of multifactor authentication at MTS Re and I will tell you why this is difficult to do. The first computer passwords The creation of computers require a scalable password system so that every user could get their own. Few people thought about safety back then. One of the first known Denmark Phone Number List passwordsĀ  was use to restrict share access to an IBM computer at MIT in the s. It was a huge mainframe and time on it was expensive. Fernando Corbato came up with the idea of entering passwords so that each user has access only to his data and gets access to it at the right time . However one of the scientists Alan Sher simply printe out a file with passwords and use someone elses creentials to get more computer time.

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