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Passwords in the cloud database may be forgotten. Even password managers that create correct passwords and hash them securely sometimes get. Hacke leaving users information compromise. But in most cases it is not yet possible to refuse passwords. Replacement cannot be left Perhaps the most important reason for continuing to use. The familiar loginpassword pair is legacy. Users have accumulate vast experience and are simply accustome to password. Protection and a wide selection of tools has been create for developers to use passwords in services.

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Reasonable to leave the usual access system but to be on the safe side supplement it with another reliable method of protecting information. Since the password is difficult to replace it is supplemente with a second and third authentication factor. The first authentication factor Slovenia WhatsApp Number List is the knowlege factor. Usually this is a traditional login and password although in some cases this role can be playe by a code word information about recent payments and other data that theoretically only the user should have. Next the user is aske for an ownership factorinformation that only that user should have or receive.

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With a onetime password OTP generator or an application where the user first receives an initialization vector and can then generate both timebase TOTP and eventbase HOTP onetime passwords. In the future the MFA service recognizes users by their logins and Czech Republic Phone Number List knows what value the user must present at one time or another. You can also send an individual onetime code via SMS email or for example Telegram but it is more reliable when the onetime code is generate in the application by time TOTP.

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