First we define the usual signe

First we define Distance function SDF Let Omegabe the set of points that make up the object delta Omega the set of points lying on the surface of the object dxy the Euclidean metric or more simply the distance from point x to point y. Let also dx delta in delta Omega dxy Then delta Omega quad textif x in Omega dx delta Omega quad textif x notin Example of SDF on a plane Example of SDF on a plane It is not difficult to guess that TSDF unlike SDF will also cut off all values that do not fall within the specifie range.

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There will be the following beautiful formula TSD Fxbegin cases SDFx quad textif dx delta Omega in sgndx delta Omega quad textif dx delta Omega notin endcases Canada Phone Number List Where sngx is the usual sign function sngxbegincases quad textif x quad textif we present the diagram from the original article and analyze it from left to right top to bottom Key Frame Selection It is immeiately noticeable that not every frame from the video will end up in the neural network but only a specifically selecte set circle.

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This approach of isolating key frames makes it possible to achieve the spee necessary for realtime reconstruction. To ensure a sufficient viewing angle while maintaining Canada Email List consistency between the images the selecte keyframes should not be too close or too far apart. A new frame coming from the stream is marke as a key frame if the corresponding relative camera displacement is greater t_maxand its relative rotation angle is greater.

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