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A few notes about the listing above When mounting a directory varlogit is important not to forget to enable the mode readOnly. This precaution prevents unauthorize modification of log files. to seconds. This delay allows Vector to gracefully complete all current tasks before restarting. In order for Reloader to send a signal to restart Vector it nees access to the latters namespace shareProcess Namespace true. This completes the deployment of Vector in Kubernetes. Lets move on to the most exciting part practical application. The cases below describe real problems that we have encountere in our practice.

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Practical cases Case No. Your device is out of space One day all pods were evicte from the node due to lack of disk space. The investigation reveale that Vector was keeping delete files open. What happene Vector tracks files in the varlogpods. As the application actively writes Morocco WhatsApp Number List to the log the file size reaches its limit. kubelet rotates the log file returning it to its original size. In the same time Vector is trying to send logs to Loki. Loki is not able to handle such a large amount of data. Vector as a responsible application continues to try to send all logs to the storage.

The Kubernetes environment

Unfortunately applications dont wait for all these internal operations to go through they just keep running and writing logs. As a result Vector tries to save all the unsent log files and since the kubelet continues to rotate them the free space on the node runs out How Argentina Phone Number List to solve this problem You can start by configuring the buffer parameters. By default Vector stores all logs in memory if it cannot send them to storage and the buffer capacity is limite to only a thousand messages which is quite small. It can be increase to thousand. You can also simply discard new logs that do not fit into the buffer. If you set the buffer behavior drop newest Vector will do this with all logs.

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