Google so insistent that it’s dead

Google is said to have killed several large link networks over the weekend. Google’s head of anti-spam, Matt Cutts, specifically mentioned Anglo Rank . So if using link networks doesn’t work, why is ? That’s because the link network is effective. How can I say that? If you check the SERPs of the most profitable areas, as well as the SERPs of areas where companies are not present (i.e., areas not dominated by major brands), you will quickly find aggressive link networks. It’s hard to find profiles with backlinks like this. Of course, if you’re a branded site, you’ll have a more ideal approach to digital marketing, so you won’t want to get links from aggressive link networks.

But evidence like this makes the advice

So lavishly offered by some SEO insiders seem hollow. Is this advice based on speculation Or are you repeating Google’s recommendations? Or is it based on test results? Either there is a link network effect, o united kingdom cell phone numbers there is no effect but it does not affect rankings. Otherwise, sites like this won’t be ranked highly. This kind of advice is provided free of charge. I think that’s the way it should be. Risk management The key issue is risk. Could this type of site end up being penalized? There is a possibility. But sites that use the “throwaway domain” approach will do whatever it takes to get links.

This is because not ranking in the top ranks is a risk

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Getting a penalty is not a game over, it’s just a danger to doing your job. If domains are important to your brand, you might want to distance yourself from SEO, depending on your definition of “SEO.” Most UK Phone Number List digital marketing does not fall under SEO in the traditional way of thinking (actively optimizing with algorithms in mind to rank high). Many areas of digital marketing are based on human optimization and consider SEO as a secondary benefit. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this way of thinking. In fact, it’s the ideal approach for many sites, and in fact, we recommend it .



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