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Just make constant code changes and stay silent Alternatively, you can make a big announcement about small code changes you made in one area, while making important changes elsewhere, wasting your efforts. This is the situation with SEO today. table of contents But…this is where the complaints begin:) what’s actually happening This is because linking Risk management But…this is where the complaints begin:) There are SEO experts who have no choice but to say that this is beyond ridiculous. Recently I came across an article. However, I do not intend to link to the article. who spread anxiety. Also, saying bad things is not important.

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From one type of site. The problem is that evidence to the contrary can easily be found. In the case of this article, a quick scan of the SERPs will reveal sites that rank highly despite having more than X links from site type korean cell number Y. So what was this remark? A question arises. Are the sites ranked highly “unsafe”? Many SEO experts offer advice in good faith. They often repeat Google’s official recommendations. However, the result is that those receiving the advice are deceived when evidence to the contrary is abundant. If I were to sum up today’s SEO industry in one word, it would be “link paranoia”.

what’s actually happening There are almost no hard and fast

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Rules when it comes to link building efforts that actually work. If you look at the backlink profiles of the number One sites in various fields, you’ll notice a certain rule… It is a law without fixed rules. Some sites clearly Ukraine Phone Number List get links from automated campaigns, but they don’t seem to have an impact on their rankings. On the other hand, there are sites that are collecting reliable links but are falling to the bottom of the rankings. What’s important? What is not important? What other factors are counted? Only by answering the questions can we accurately understand the situation.

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