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Turner’s company. Could this also be a connection? Mavis’ campaign is being talked about everywhere, as it has been featured in one of the major media outlets. Journalists need something to talk about, and bloggers need topics to write about. Mavis’ news ran down the AOL ladder and spread throughout the blogosphere. It can be said that a trickle-down link economy has been realized. Does the Diamond iPad actually exist? PR and blogger (and TV coverage) hype aside, what really struck me was when I clicked on Mavis’ page: I was expecting a video of the Diamond iPad, or perhaps a close-up photo of Ronnie Mavis proudly holding a Diamond iPad prototype. . It’s not a lie.

I don’t want to diminish the effectiveness of

This clever campaign, but Mavis probably created this page for only $5 and in about 10 minutes. It is extremely cost effective and simple. It’s a completely boring page, and there’s real phone numbers uk no indication that the Diamond iPad is just a concept, or that Mavis is trying to get rid of her unsold inventory of diamonds. Smart!! Mavis’ Diamond iPad, which many people are talking about, is just an idea. Like a million-dollar bra, Mavis will probably build a prototype of the Diamond iPad and display it in a store somewhere in the D.C. area. And I guess I’ll contact the local press. But for a while… it’s just a Photoshopped concept . It’s a great strategy. SEO comes into play The third point of Mavis’ Diamond iPad campaign is the landing page: mervisdiamond.

Diamonds Tacori-Diamonds Tacori is

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Adesigner diamond brand and does not sell diamonds. The term Tacoli is highly competitive as the brand is well known and people searching for it have the intention of purchasing Colombia Telegram Number List Tacoli products. Mavis is already in the top 10 for “tacori” mervisdiamond.com/tacori-rings and now, a few days later, the Diamond iPad page ranks third for “tacori diamonds” (after shopping and images) I’m in.  of smart URLs, site structure, relevant content, and a very smart and timely PR campaign gave Mavis a natural power link. Not only did they have the opportunity to sell the $20,000 iPad, they also managed to dominate a highly competitive term for an extended period of time. The result is long-term sales, customer loyalty, and a strong brand. This is amazing. We haven’t seen such great SEO, social media, and PR campaigns in a while.

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