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It by the way how can then you can usually find several points where a minimum of improvements will give the best effect. Contributors the Pareto rule works here too Contributors are the most romanticize concept in open source. We often imagine the ideal contributor as a cool highgrade engineer. Who knows a lot and loves the product almost like the creator. At the same time he has great ideas for improving the project and he is ready to bring them to life with his own hands.

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How things stand in reality. As an example I took the Apache Calcite framework which is no stranger to HighLoad about which there have already been several reports. The project has existe for years and is use in other Apache Software. Foundation projects and in Hong Kong Mobile Number List several large companies. There is no commercial organization behind it. It is still run by its creator Julian Hyde a man who lives in Berkeley and works at Google. If I wante to come up with something more stereotypical I probably wouldnt have succeee. This project currently produces releases per year.

Which means it is on a plateau

But the release manager sometimes changes and this is a good sign. Lets take a look at the statistics of top contributors over years the main contribution is made by a small number of people. Can we say that this is a problem of the community on the plateau which is Nigeria Whatsapp Number List years old Or a community made by a Google engineer No this is an absolutely typical picture. The authors of the Why Software Projects nee Heroes study were not lazy and checke more than projects. It turne out that in of them the majority of the code contribution is made by a limite number of people. In their terminology the authors call these people heroes.

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