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You may have heard that a comfortable number of people under direct supervision is considere to be people. The rule was discovere in by American psychologist George Miller. The essence of this rule is that shortterm human memory as a rule cannot remember more than elements. Next I will additionally share other answers that I include in the survey Participation in the testing process Do you decompose and evaluate tasks Do you decompose and evaluate problems Do you do testing yourself Do you do testing yourself delegate task decomposition and assessment to engineers.

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No pattern of connection with the role was identifie of the remaining percent who are not involve in assessment there are both leads and managers. of respondents are directly involve in the testing process. Lets remember that of those surveye are QA leads. If yes what Spain Telegram Number Data percentage of the time If yes what percentage of the time Most of them after subtracting those who answere no devote less than percent of their time to testing. Do you write autotests Do you write autotests Let me remind you that of respondents are responsible for the auto department. Development of specialists.

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Do you conduct Do you do Regarding the answers were divide almost evenly but still the once a month option became the most popular. are made up of IDPs individual development plans including both leads and managers. use employee assessment systems competency matricesperformance reviews etc. most of the respondents participate in their preparation. General questions Turkey Whatsapp Number List A pattern has been identifie leads generally spend hours a day on meetings and managers hours. collect some kind of metrics which is certainly encouraging. The set of metrics turne out to be very diverse it seems that there is no general pattern each company tries to implement the metrics it nees.

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