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You may have heard that a comfortable number of people under direct supervision is considere to be people. The rule was discovere in by American psychologist George Miller. The essence of this rule is that shortterm human memory as a rule cannot remember more than elements. Next I will additionally share other answers that I … Read more

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The distribution of Head of QA Chapter Lead and other interpretations. Where something moves from one to another in the opinion of the respondents. What types of testing are in your area of responsibility What types of testing are. In your area of responsibility More than are responsible for both manual and automate testing. Additional … Read more

What tasks QA managers perform

The main metrics that were note coverage including automation bugs in production bugs found at different stages and their ratio. In conclusion I will show you a cloud of the most use words in the description of tasks that respondents identifie. As a result of the research I conclude for myself that there is no … Read more

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General trends Hierarchy and Responsibility QA Lead focus on the team or project. QA Manager process management at the team level. Head of QA strategic management at the organization level. Technical Expertise QA Lead and QA Manager usually have technical expertise. The Head of QA can focus more on strategic and management aspects. Its important … Read more

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Preparation First I wante to figure out what options there are. This is the distribution found in the questionnaire from TestRail This is the distribution found. In the questionnaire from TestRail What about vacancies After studying job search resources I conclude that. QA Lead QA Manager and Head of QA are the most common vacancies. … Read more

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For example first a word is converte into an address. Each word is a unique sequence of letters that can be directly converte into a unique number which after reuction can be use as an address in a database. For example string cow is converte to uintecoweaddress. The word descriptor is locate at this address. … Read more

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ISIS routing ¬†With Java you can explicitly control which parts of their modules are accessible. To the outside world and which are hidden and protecte from unauthorize access. Modularity brings clarity and order to the way applications communicate with libraries and with each other. Thanks to the module system dependencies become explicit and manageable. Lets … Read more

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A software development company for the financial sector and a system integrator. Include to the Rosselkhozbank group presente a solution for launching childrens banking RSInterbank Kids. The module was presente as part of the webinar KidTech. How banking products for children can grow into a big business. Get the webinar recording. Read more ARTICLE Seenkao … Read more

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In the calendar Practical lesson Data models ORM in Bitrix March. Online More in the calendar Lesson Effects in Scala using the example of ZIO March Online More in the calendar. Practical lesson Output in production. Deploying an ML model in Docker March. Online More details in the calendar Open lesson Job interview for the … Read more

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I will tell you about the main technologies that are necessary to start and how to take. Your first steps in frontend development. Read more ARTICLE veseluha March at SQL Expert Bot development. A detaile guide on using. Vercel AI SDK and OpenAI API min SQL Machine learning. Artificial intelligence BotHub company blog Tutorial Translation. … Read more

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but is not planne to be develope only to update the content and maintain. Your product is an unconfirme hypothesis. Only AFTER its validation is it worth assembling a Product team BEFORE its too early. When assembling a team we first determine the goal estimate the strategy and directions and then form product teams according … Read more