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Preparation First I wante to figure out what options there are. This is the distribution found in the questionnaire from TestRail This is the distribution found. In the questionnaire from TestRail What about vacancies After studying job search resources I conclude that. QA Lead QA Manager and Head of QA are the most common vacancies. There are of course a lot more leads. Lets ask Chat GPT about the differences between these positions. The differences between QA Lead quality assurance leader QA Manager quality assurance manager and Head of QA quality assurance manager depend on the organizational structure of the company and they can vary in different organizations. However these roles typically involve different levels of responsibility and focus within the organization.

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QA Lead Testing Leadership Role QA Lead focuses on organizing testing processes within a specific team or project. He develops testing strategies manages test execution and coordinates the efforts of the testing team. Technical expertise Typically a QA Lead has Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data technical expertise and is actively involve in executing testing tasks. QA Manager Process and Team Management The QA Manager takes responsibility for managing the entire quality assurance process at the team or project level. He can manage several QA Leads and coordinate their activities.

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Reporting and Analysis The QA Manager is responsible for analyzing test results and providing reports to management. Head of QA Strategic Management The Head of QA has a more strategic role focusing on quality assurance throughout the organization. He develops overall quality strategies sets standards and policies and directs the implementation of these strategies Taiwan Whatsapp Number List within the organization. Interaction with Upper Management Head of QA works closely with upper management providing strategic reports and recommendations. Resource and Process Management Responsible for managing all aspects of quality assurance including resources budget processes and tools.

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