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For example first a word is converte into an address. Each word is a unique sequence of letters that can be directly converte into a unique number which after reuction can be use as an address in a database. For example string cow is converte to uintecoweaddress. The word descriptor is locate at this address. For example coweaddress Name cowcodeidenoun codeidefemale eibleyes carnivorous acoustically active yes electorally active no selfpropelle yes offensive yes memeassociation . The set of features is specifie by.

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Now a word is no longer just a set of letters but a set of features that can be use to implement a conditional machine understanding model. After processing by the neural network the phrase the cow ate the man will have a low confidence value due to theĀ  value Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data of the preatoryno parameter. In addition to the array of features there can be an array of degree of association. If a twodimensional array Associativity columnrow is implemente then at the address row cow column ball the value will be . cow field football field football cow football grass cow grass . Values are fille in during textbase learning e.g. by the frequency of occurrence of words in one text block.

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After processing by the neural network the phrase a cow plays football will have a low confidence value due to the low value in the array at football cow. the principles of database organization are given purely as an example and are not relate to real training models Mimiloka Switzerland Whatsapp Number List March at The difference between the roles of QA Lead QA Manager and QA Head Average min .K Testing IT systems Career in the IT industry Interview From the Sandbox Hello Im Lyuda QA Lead at TrendTech. Over the . years in the company our direction has grown significantly and my range of tasks has change.

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