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. billion rubles in loans from microfinance organizations. of which PDL. Accounts for or about billion rubles which is . more than the same values in. Tags microfinance organizations money loansmi croloans ARTICLE ProductivityInside March at Switching between contexts Productivity Killer min K GTD Productivity Inside Blog Translation Introduction. There are many things that kill productivity in our industry and one of the worst is context switching. We repeately look away from our work get distracte by things like changes in priorities or meetings or simply lose focus. A person nees more than twenty minutes to properly engage in work after a break. I aske Eugene Schulg battlehardene.

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Tech lead and CTO at Telnyx to share his thoughts on how to handle context switching. His career path is similar to my own. He starte out as a programmer then rose to a management position and eventually became the companys CTO. The recommendations he gives are Russia Telegram Number Data base on his personal experience as a programmer team leader and manager. Lets get straight to the recommendations Read more Here. There BEST BLOGS . Timeweb Cloud . Selectel . companies READING NOW Dozens of leading scientists have signe a document aime at preventing the development of biological weapons using AI K How IT companies cheat when hiring.

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