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General trends Hierarchy and Responsibility QA Lead focus on the team or project. QA Manager process management at the team level. Head of QA strategic management at the organization level. Technical Expertise QA Lead and QA Manager usually have technical expertise. The Head of QA can focus more on strategic and management aspects. Its important to remember that roles may be calle differently in different companies and levels of responsibility may vary. Role definitions often depend on the specific corporate culture and company structure.

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Good comment at the end I have a feeling that in many companies there may not be a role above the lead at all in which case the lead somehow performs tasks in the Manager or Head zone. As a result I decide to talk with different leaders in the QA direction to form an idea base Singapore Telegram Number Data on real data. Finding respondents As we all understand the number of people suitable for my research is much less than if I neee to interview QA specialists of different levels. First I chose an interview format of minutes during which we calle each other and I wrote down the answers.

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But when I manage to find more respondents thanks to the Podlodka conference it almost immeiately became clear that the format puts us in the situation of having to find free slots from people who have little free time. But still several people responde to the invitation Thailand Whatsapp Number List to communicate. I thank Alena Lysenko who at the end of the interview recommende that I translate the research into a survey format. Analysis of the results Position in the company Position in the company people took part in the study regardless of their territorial location. More than of respondents occupy the position of.

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