Multiplayer shooter where you fight

But at the same time a feature. Once upon a time in Civilization there was an incident in which one of the main pacifist rulers in the history of mankind Gandhi from India decide that it would be a good idea to hit the player with a nuclear bomb. The rumor that this is a bug Gandhi should have an aggression level of that is he should not attack at all spread across the Internet launching the Nuclear Gandhi meme literally Nuclear Gandhi. Everyone began to think what the reason was and here it is it seems that an integer overflow has occurre or rather a special case of it.

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Everything was explaine by the fact that when the player change the political regime to democratic this automatically change the aggressiveness of all rulers making it two points less. And here if we calculate using complex mathematical methods it turns out that Gandhis aggression became . And this is where that same overflow comes into play turning into and turning the India Telegram Number Data Indian pacifist into a sadistic Indian dictator. Years later game developer Sid Meier said that nothing like that happene and there was no overflow either. And the fact that in the subsequent parts of civa the players saw Gandhis increase love for nuclear weapons and wars is just an.

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Easter egg from the developers for the players who inflate the joke. Completion of acceptance processing Inhale and exhale. The session is over. Acceptance complete congratulations I hope you learne something new both in terms of facts about your favorite games and in terms of Qatar Whatsapp Number List bugs in general. lyrical music plays it starts to rain It happens that we make mistakes then we see these mistakes and even get upset because of them sheding bitter tears. But you shouldnt do this. Smile because as you can see from this note even mistakes can become the beginnings of something new and beautiful.

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