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One entity is Logic sets the rules for action. requirements. any business instruction is a proceure that manipulates a certain set of entities. Logic in services is a direct formalize record of business requirements that describe the interaction of entities. Entities can only be manipulate through a service which always models some kind of business action. If someone has brought an entity into an inconsistent state then they have implemente their business action incorrectly. The advantages of this approach.

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As possible to business requirements which simplifies support. Dependencies are passe only to the service constructor only business types are use in the method UK Mobile Database signature. The logic is divide into groups there are no classes that contain all possible business actions. No exceptions are use to return validation results or execute logic. Logic validation serialization and data transfer protocol are separate from each other. The approach is compatible with any technology. This article uses Yii but you can write it in the same style using Symfony components.

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