Some of the trends that will mark the packaging sector in Mexico

The transformations that the pandemic  brought to.  The packaging sector are reflect today in a special way in the interaction between producers and consumers.  The way of producing and marketing, and in. The consumption habits of users of packag goods. For 2021, an economic recovery is expecte in Mexico. Which the International Monetary Fund estimates at 5.55%. More conservative analysts, the study explains. Consider that the lack of measures and incentives to reverse . The economic contraction experience in 2020 will make the recovery slower than what other countries will have. PMMI offere in its most recent study on. The Mexican packaging machinery market PMMI Mexico’s Packaging Machinery Market Trends and Forecast 2021-2022 . The study identifies some of the preferences as relevant aspects for the packaging industry.

Trends in the packaging sector in Mexico

Sustainable packaging: The inclusion of sustainability.  Recyclability or reuse properties in packaging is an increasingly greater demand from consumers.  Elements that brands integrate into the packaging of their products. Many companies are now seeking to offer consumers packaging that can be recycled, reused. Ecovered and that is oriented towards a circular economy model. Innovation for electronic commerce: A sector that undergone a profound transformation due to the effects. The Covid-19 pandemic  the grocery sector. In Mexico, where sales through e-commerce grew 81% in 2020, many users teste. Oday regularly make grocery purchases Industry Email List through digital channels. Smaller sizes: Demographic, health and regulatory factors are driving the use of smaller packaging in the food and beverage sectors, especially for products with high sugar and calorie content.

Shrink Sleeves and Labels

The popularity that shrink packaging materials achieve for beverages. Pharmaceuticals is now extending to processe foods and personal care items. With shrinkable sleeves, brands respond. The protection and safety requirements of liquid. Emi-viscous products that are marketed through electronic channels. Single-serving packaging and sachets: The perception that single-serving packaging is a cleaner.  Alternative to packaging that can be touche by many hands drove its popularity in 2020. According to the PMMI study, this trend le in 2020 to DY Lead companies in the food sector seeing exceptional increases in demand in these presentations.  Especially for products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings and sugar.

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