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Begin enables you to create workflow automations that make it easy to manage your contact data. Begin is the solution you need if you want to create a custom solution to manage your contacts. 12. Copper Prices starting at: $25 per user per month Looking for more software to manage contacts? Try Copper. This platform enables you to get your contacts organized with ease. Homepage for Copper CRM With Copper, you’ll get excellent features like: Syncing with Google: Copper integrates with Google Workspace to make your life easier. You can track your Gmail activity, access Google Calendar, and view files you send to customers.

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One space for you to manage contacts better. Sales pipeline Job Function Email List  visualization: Copper CRM enables your team to visualize your sales process from end to end. You can analyze your sales pipeline to add new steps and track your contacts’ steps from one to the next. Create automation workflows: With Copper, you can create automated workflows to keep your leads moving down the pipeline. Set up automatic triggers to reach out to leads at the right moment. Contact enrichment: Missing some key information? Copper will fill in the gaps using public data to help you build richer contact profiles. If you want.

In-Contact Management

 Software that seamlessly integrates DY Leads  with Google, Copper may be a great fit. 13. Insightly Prices starting at: 29 per user per month Are you looking for a scalable CRM to manage your contacts? If so, Insightly is the contact management system for you. This tool grows with your business as your team earns new contacts, so you don’t have to search for a new tool later. Homepage for Insightly Here’s what you get with Insightly: Sales pipeline optimization: With Insightly, you can build your sales pipeline to earn more sales. This tool makes it easy to manage every step of your pipeline, so you can grow your business.

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