People link less and only link to really great articles

Bloggers don’t post links – No, they do post links, but compared to the old days, it’s about 1/20th the number. Many people use Twitter instead of posting links to ‘evaluate’ content they think is good.  and people. Blogging People link less and  has become less personal – Blogging was originally a personal hobby where people shared their thoughts with the world. However, once it became clear that there were people making money from it, the tide changed dramatically. It has become difficult to stand out among the plethora of blogs in any niche. Just imagine if everyone in the world could only read 10 blogs on topics of their own choosing. Are you worthy of being chosen among them? If that’s not the case… Break the rules! At ViperChill, I break a lot of the blogging “rules” that other bloggers will tell you about.

I’m not intentionally trying to break the rules, but I’m not trying

To abide by them either. I just write about the topics I want to write about, when I want to write about them (kind of like a tongue twister). I just write using many letters when I need to say something. Here are taiwan phone number some rules I’ve broken over the years. The first sentence of the article is important – go back to my first sentence. what about? I wrote all that and you’re still reading this! Write regularly – Some weeks I write one, some weeks I write two, and some weeks I don’t write at all. Don’t write too much (you don’t have that much free time) – I don’t need to tell you that I write an awful lot each time. Write articles that can be skimmed – Some of my articles can be skimmed, but most of them have to be read properly to understand the value of what I am saying.

Contain one message  I share many thoughts in one article

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And don’t focus on one topic. I’m sure there are many more, but you get my point by now. Putting safety first and being safe is riskier than taking risks. You don’t believe me? Yahoo! is playing it safe with Georgia Telegram Number List its portal site, but Google has taken on the challenge with a simple search screen. MySpace also played it safe and stopped reinventing itself, and Facebook usurped the social network crown. Newspapers have also taken safety precautions, and many are now struggling to make the most of their online presence. It’s easy to play it safe. But that’s boring and things like that are too common. Taking risks may alienate potential readers. But that’s okay. You can find readers who appreciate that you’re doing something different. Does that mean the old rules no longer apply? No, that’s not true.

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