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It’s all about traffic from The owners of this Google. Even though you have 20,000 RSS subscribers, guest posting there won’t get you even 10 clicks on your site. Most subscribers don’t read most of the The owners of content. The owners of this You can make a lot of money by The owners The owners of  of this targeting your search traffic and displaying contextual ads using tools like Google Adsense. I won’t tell my friends about this site. Because many articles won’t help them. However, the site owner still earns thousands of dollars a month this way. Would you tell a friend about a blog that’s filled with content that’s not worth reading and has links to thousands of other sites? Do you want to read a blog that writes about other blog articles every day? The answer is no. Those sites are not good. But that doesn’t matter at all. Because they are successful.

Being good is important. Gretchen Rubin writes great articles

On her blog, the Happiness Project , she helps people by answering the question, “How can I be happy?” She succeeded in making her book with the same title a bestseller. Ars Technica is also great. While thousands The owners of this of other tech blogs The owners of this write short articles of a few hundred words, they change the game by writing long, in-depth articles . . If you want to love what you do, not just the results, writing great articles is important. Steve Pavlina makes a ton of money teaching people how to make tons of money, and he’s still good at it. I’m sure he’s proud of what he does. Otherwise, would you write over 500,000 words about self-improvement? Even though I only make less than 5% of my income from this blog (some of you may have found my ebook ), I use this site more than any other site I own.

Spend a lot of time. The reason is quite simple The owners of this

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I love sharing my thoughts, and I love interacting with intellectuals (that includes you, of course!). Writing about making money online and not making money from it is also good in a way. perhaps. ViperChill is growing because. people are talking about the content I write . The number one reason why good content is so important is because the blogosphere The owners of this has changed dramatically. You didn’t need to be in the spotlight all the time to be successful and create a money-making blog. But it’s necessary now. Here’s why. Not enough written content – ​​It used to be that you could grow your readership by having average content. Because there weren’t many people writing about the same topic as you. There are too many bloggers out there now.

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