So you say you’re divesting from fossil fuels and

However, it’s So you increasingly evident that the process is not yet transparent enough to hold institutions to account for their pledges. Since the headline announcement, New York has refused to divulge any further details on how it plans to divest. “It’s our policy to not comment on the implementation of divestment until complete, to avoid financial risks of moving markets by broadcasting specifics,” says Skye Ernst.

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Refusing to name names is not the only thing NYC is doing to shield its divestment So you strategy from public scrutiny. It took a Freedom of Information Act request from the nonprofit Divest Now Phone Number List to make public a previously confidential series of divestment reports prepared for the city by asset management giant BlackRock.

Add up-to-date information

Institutional investors all over the world, he said, should be assured by the reports’ finding So you that funds can pursue a divestment strategy without giving up, and possibly even improving investment returns with portfolios without fossil fuel companies. Profits [of fossil fuel companies DY Leads are declining. Their future growth is under a cloud, so why bother holding them.

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