The Ministry of Industry and Trade

Problems arise due to the fact that the Russian alphabet has as many he more letters and the pronunciation of some sounds can be phonetically represente in English by no less than two or more letters. How would you transliterate the name Chichikov And Erokhin Or Gushchin What to do It is worth considering this nuance especially when working in regions where phonetically complex surnames or given names are often found. It is better to preselect the email format for employees of a certain company so that you can full names into English without errors.

then translate the employees

The same surname can look different in different companies for example the surname Ismailov will look like this Company A Ismagilov Company B Ismayilov Company B Ismailova And the last name is Valiakhmetov Company A Valiakhmetov Company B Valiachmetov Israel Phone Number List Company B Valiahmetov Image not loade OSINT does not end with mail search it continues in the mind of the analyst who base on the goals of OSINT must not only collect information from various sources but also conduct analysis as in the current example with transliteration of names and pass it on to the rest of the team for use.

Come up with a great phishing

domain and not use it Ill tell you a secret you wont be the only one who will come up with the perfect phishing domain by changing one letter in the name of the resource being copie. With the increase in the quantity quality and volume of leaks the trend towards more Panama Whatsapp Number List frequent phishing attacks develops naturally. Before registering a domain with your chosen broker I strongly recommend checking the presence of the domain in spam lists you will be surprise how many likeminde people you have. But thats not all. In addition to the fact that the rente domain may be banne you may be unlucky when ordering a virtual server they are often use by.

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