The proportion of positive class in a branch

Therefore by default pruning_type max_right leaf_threshold . min_positive . Other parameters default values in brackets n_estimators number of trees create max_features the maximum number of features randomly selecte each time to create a tree and search for the best partition remove_duplicates n delete duplicates of selecte conditions rules branches or not. n do not delete a remove exact duplicates when both the feature sequence and threshold values match b remove duplicates by sequence of features when the sequence of This is a parameter for GridSearchCV.

Datasetesize None sample size

In fact you can leave it alone and when thereĀ  limitation built in for use with GridSearchCV. You can specify either a fraction of the original dataset or a specific size value includeeleft False enable left branches or not. Only for right or maxeright trim options. The parameter does Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List not affect efficiency but you can reuce the number of trees create treeeapply cv is an important parameter. Can be cv or train. If train then the share of the desire class in the leaf is calculate using the same data that was use to build the tree. And if cv then on new data for the tree cvesize . indicates the proportion of available data for crossvalidation cvestratify False if cvestratify.

Precision and recall curves

True then the proportions of classes when dividing the data into training and for crossvalidation will be the same cveprecethreshold another possible condition for selecting branches. Using the crossvalidation data the preiction accuracy of the entire tree is calculate. This parameter sets Uruguay Phone Number List the accuracy threshold that the tree must overcome in order to be able to take branches from it. I use either or minimum. The parameter didnt have much of an effect but I left it for now. Weak Tree Filter plotetrees False if True then during the training process it displays graphs with trees And these are the parameters for building the decision tree itself which by default are the same.

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