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Then release the  He clarifie that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to support the initiative but the companies themselves must demonstrate it. As an example Dozhdev cite an interindustry working group organize for the joint development of an automate process control system automate process control system. The APCS group was create in the summer of by Eurochem and Severstal. Later Tatneft Rostelecom Alrosa Sibur Phosagro and others joine it and in the near future several more participants from among large industrial companies will be adde. The group has already release the first version of the open controller development environment specifications.

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Systems the chemical and metallurgical industries require software classes such as ERP enterprise management MES manufacturing management systems EAM enterprise asset management IBP integrate business planning WMS warehouse management Spain Phone Number List system CAE engineering analysis systems etc. liste a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Within the framework of the architectural council we see the solution of specific industry problems conducting interindustry examination of projects aime at developingrefining and implementing domestic solutions and building general requirements for software development he said.

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From the chemical metallurgical oil and gas and petrochemical industries that arise in the process of process automation are extremely similar so such an intersectoral body for resolving technological issues can help avoid duplication of products and reuce the costs of their Australia Email List development says Marat Tsikhmistrov head of the Innostage Audit and Consulting Center . The council can begin to formulate an interindustry standard to simplify the creation and maintenance of IT systems at enterprises notes Sergei Mikhailin solution architect of the oil and gas department of the Reksoft group.

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