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In entities and it is advisable to create repositories only for aggregate roots. View php class Product Controller public function action Viewint id. Response product return public function return product private function t product. Product Change void if product Change null foreach product Change field. Values as field value productfield value This is read only so no lock is neee. We apply field changes and return new values in accordance with business requirements. Someone might be thinking about putting an applyChanges method on the entity.  will have about fields images files with instructions. This processing will take several hundre lines so this is unlikely.

In a real application Product

To be a suitable solution. You can make a separate component or a repository which using findById will return an object with the changes applie. Sending for review php class Product Controller public function No changes to send else if validation Result add Errorde scription Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Database Description is too small return validati on Result. We start by blocking the product from changes then we do business checks. If the user accidentally clicks the button times. The second request  and will not be resent. We dont nee to check for changes in Product Change but rather make a temporary copy of the product with the changes applie and check it.

Will wait until the first one completes

Because there may not be a record with changes at all and in the Product the description will not be fille in. Entity Validation php class Product Service public function isSend For Review Allowe Product product Product Validation Result. Public function send For  Review Saudi Arabia Whatsapp Number List Product Validation Result product Validation Result User user Review. class Product Validation Result … public function Pconstruct Product product Product Change product Change null this product product this product Change product Change public function add Error string field string error void this product null this product Change null this error sfield error public function has Errors bool return empty this errors.

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