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how it can be measure and optimize using modern tools such as Testograf. Read more A MINUTE OF ATTENTION Turbo Where to get knowlege that will definitely be useful in your work Interesting Engineering approach a new nomination in Technotext Event Choose a testing team base on vibes ARTICLE Demine Konstantin March at About the reasons for technical debt vol. how to deal with it and convince the business that this is a problem minĀ  Terminology IT Development Management Smartup Technology Blog Hello Habr There is technical debt in any large project. It occurs when compromise solutions problems in code or architecture accumulate.

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Importantly these decisions and problems make it more difficult and expensive to maintain and update the code in the future. These are a kind of interest. The larger the debt the more interest you have to pay. In this article we will share our experience of working with Malaysia Telegram Number Data technical debt. First lets determine what it is then well think about how to solve it. Write your experience in the comments and lets discuss. Read more POST eitoreagima March at .K AGIMA company blog Project management Product management Ideal product team A post about the ideal composition of a product team.

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But first lets find out whether you nee it at all We consider a team to be a product team if it works on one productpart of it you can preict the work of the team she has the necessary competencies to launch the product and develop it she strives for selforganization. You dont nee such Singapore Whatsapp Number List a team if Your company is bureaucratic. Coordinating changes is like going through all the circles of hell. And tasks appear and are prioritize because thats what they told me to do at the top. Your product has an end goal. For example an image site that nees to be launche.

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