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Violations of the recommendations of DDD tactical patterns in order to avoid the use of sagas within one Bounde Context a typical example simultaneous changes to several aggregates of different types only for the sake of these changes being in one transaction and this is not at all a classic example when a domain service changes two simultaneously unit of one type bank account between which money is transferre Distribute transactions two or threephase commit PCPC in order to avoid sagas and manual implementation of compensation logic Complex Bounde Context which has a real nee for DDD tactics implemente following all the recommendations of DDD tactical patterns.

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With a significant amount of eventual consistency and sagas more than one step of which is implemente within the same Bounde Context and confidence in the correct implementation of the compensation logic all steps of all sagas supporte by careful monitoring spee of New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data execution of use cases number of cancele transactions number of triggere compensations of saga steps periodic scanning of all data in all project databases for consistency Hello Habr And now we have some interesting entertainment at stake. We invite you to guess the two secret experts of the Nothing Extra visualization marathon.

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Who will take part in two days of work with the participants. Below the cut are brief characteristics of our heroes as well as answer options. Test yourself to see how much you know about the BI world or test your intuition which is also fun. So today we are talking about the experts New Zealand Phone Number List of the Nothing Extra marathon which starts literally on March and will last days. You can read about why you should take part in this interesting and completely free event here we wont dwell on it again. But lets talk about our experts. In the Marathon frame Maxim Gubin the most important.

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