The minimum entropy of the original

The minimum Together with our translation partner Lingvanex we have improve the performance of the Vivaldi translator. We have also significantly improve the quality of translation in some languages. Vivaldi Translator does not collect any data about you or the pages you translate on PC or Android. Our servers are installe in Iceland to enhance the … Read more

Two parameters an estimate

Two parameters A way that no one would have even the slightest doubt about the impartiality of the algorithm. After all we were talking about millions of pounds sterling. In other words simple lottery machines with numbere balls were clearly not enough here. And the British government decide to build a special Lottery Computer for … Read more

The size of the matrix is determine

The size A beam splitter as far as I understand from a quick analysis divides the signal from one input into two signals according to the power parameter… In general Im confuse. Shkaff hours ago Its certainly a good thing Im curious what will you drive in comparison with your competitors of which there are now … Read more

Are monitored by of selected sequence

Are monitored It is the vacuum that is measure this follows purely from the measurement proceure difference scheme. If you measure the field of the reference signal before the beam splitter you would measure quantum fluctuations of this reference beam and when you measure after you measure a mixture of fluctuations of the reference beam … Read more

Of a certain finite number of bits

Of a certain Toolroom hours ago Looking at the optical design you can close one of the input ports of the beam splitter. Coherent detection is also use in quantum optics to detect attenuate. Radiation for example a coherent state using a reference signal. Which provides amplification in the subtractive circuit of the detector. There is … Read more

With a certain sequence kernel consisting

With a certain Deviation from linear complexity distribution for finite substring length Successfully For the develope FGSCH which includes as main components Figure laser with a wavelength of nm and a power of W balance detector with a symmetrical beam splitter ADC bits with sampling frequency . GHz We receive a sequence of random numbers … Read more

Convolving the original sequence

Convolving the A random sequence of bits. Figure Problem of assessing the quality of a random number generator Figure Problem of assessing the quality of a random number generator Despite the fact that it is impossible to absolutely accurately assess the quality of the generate random sequence there are methods for detecting correlations in it which … Read more

Sequence and the final require

Sequence and Your wings open someone elses product vision which has been hanging over you all this time disappears and you enter a phase of inspiration. You get involve in all processes because now this is your product you cannot ignore any of the problems and everywhere you put forward hypotheses about their solution. In fact … Read more

In transparent materials VNs change

This light source first polarizer glass under study second polarizer observer. We rotate one of the polarizers in its plane achieving darkening of the background.  And the appearance of colore or white stress spots inside the glass. Photo  Stationary laboratory polarimeter PKS Photo from the network Photo. Tabletop jewelry polariscope for studying transparent stones and … Read more

The angle of rotation of the plane

At the same time cooling is prolonge the glass is covere with a layer of soot which is also useful. Photo . Cooling the solder wire in a luminous flame. The work rotates continuously. Soot is easily wipe off after the glass cools. In more complex cases the glass work must be coole by continuously … Read more

Polarization in contrast to glass free

The finishe hot lampwork is stuck into it together with the knitting. Neele until it cools completely. For technical work and especially hollow work vermiculite. Is not very convenient it has to be carefully remove swept away from the glass its small scales tend. To get inside the device. Reuction of internal stresses IV post. … Read more

From such formations and are visible

Automation which is not necessary to sleep at night. Glass annealing furnaces Keeping in mind the desirability of maximally uniform heating and cooling of the charge and operation near the softening temperature of glass the ideal furnace for annealing it would be a muffle furnace with a metal muffle of more or less thick walls … Read more