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The finishe hot lampwork is stuck into it together with the knitting. Neele until it cools completely. For technical work and especially hollow work vermiculite. Is not very convenient it has to be carefully remove swept away from the glass its small scales tend. To get inside the device. Reuction of internal stresses IV post. Factum Inevitable after hot glass processing more or less significant HVs are remove only by furnace annealing. Together with properly selecte materials this is the key. To longterm reliable operation of the device.

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Usually it is the dimensions of the annealing furnace. That determine the maximum possible size of the product in the workshop. During annealing the glass is heate to a temperature slightly below the glass softening temperature which is still. Sufficient to straighten Qatar WhatsApp Number Data the structure of the compresse areas. At the same time the heating of cold work and we have it with bate breath just waiting for a small. Temperature difference to shatter into smithereens must be long and gentle. Glass heate to the annealing temperature must be kept for some time so that the heat in it is distribute evenly and also carefully so as not to create new stresses coole. Temperature graph socalle. thermal profile depends on the complexity of the product its size and the thickness of the glass walls.

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The whole process takes many hours and for critical massive parts for example more or less large blanks of optical glass it can take a week or more. In serial mass production of course they strive to reuce this time in every possible way optimizing the process as much Qatar Phone Number List as possible. In our homemade laboratory case and single e production from materials obtaine on occasion it is easier and more reliable to anneal your work with reundant parameters accepting the duration of the process.

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