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At the same time cooling is prolonge the glass is covere with a layer of soot which is also useful. Photo . Cooling the solder wire in a luminous flame. The work rotates continuously. Soot is easily wipe off after the glass cools. In more complex cases the glass work must be coole by continuously rotating the burner. A very convenient simple and completely reliable way to reuce the cooling rate of glass after the burner is to wrap it in a fireresistant blanket . In practice this is a more or less large piece of rolle basalt kaolin wool folde in half. The hot work is place between its layers the soft eges are close.

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You can put glass in basalt wool with a crimson glow still noticeable in the twilight. It is advisable not to place hot food on top of something that is already cooling. Photo . Basalt blanket a piece of soft rolle refractory mm thick folde in half. Small hot workpieces of normal Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data thickness can cool down in up to hours. It is enough for the glass to cool down to degrees. If such a blanket is not on the work table then it is better to carry the glass workpiece by rotating it. With such cooling VN in the most capricious glass platinum group high TCR usually does not reach destructive values.

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A basalt blanket is sufficient for ordinary lowresponsibility intermeiate operations and training work. A funny variety of basalt blanket is vermiculite backfill popular among young ladies and ladies who make little things for jewelry lampwork from colore glass Switzerland Phone Number List using the hot fire method. Photo . Vermiculite is a type of mica small light heatresistant flakes. Initially use as a soil loosener for indoor plants Photo . Lampwork is a simplifie glassblowing technique where softene glass is wound and held on a steel spoke holder with a fireresistant release coating. Photo from the network Photo.

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