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This light source first polarizer glass under study second polarizer observer. We rotate one of the polarizers in its plane achieving darkening of the background.  And the appearance of colore or white stress spots inside the glass. Photo  Stationary laboratory polarimeter PKS Photo from the network Photo. Tabletop jewelry polariscope for studying transparent stones and minerals. Photo from the network A polariscope unlike a polarimeter does not have. A number of elements for quantitative measurements and allows only a qualitative assessment.

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Base on the brightness and color of voltage spots but it has a simplifie inexpensive and accessible design for the amateur. Moreover for the first experiments it is quite possible to use an improvise express polariscope. Which will require only one piece of polarizing Poland WhatsApp Number Data film or a photographic filter. Any LCD monitor will act as a source of polarize light you just nee to display  on itPhoto Appearance of the ersatz polariscope. External polarizer film a part from a pocket electronic game like Tetris a third hand tripod in the Hnde hoch position Photo. The glass work under study is place between a source of polarize light and an external polarizer Photo.

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Here they are our VN Photo The external polarizer is turne backwards. The same tensions in color. By its shades one can roughly judge their degree. They are better visible in motion if the part is twiste and tilte this way and that. Photo . Classics suggest interpreting Poland Phone Number List colors as follows Photo . Examine Photo … glass training work in normal light Combating internal stresses IS in glassblowing Preventive Imagining how VN appear in cooling glass and this is too fast and as a consequence uneven cooling of the work it is not difficult to formulate countermeasures slowing down cooling reucing temperature gradients. In almost simple cases it is enough to rotate the cooling work for several minutes in a large soft luminous smoking burner flame gas without airoxygen.

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