Sequence and the final require

Sequence and Your wings open someone elses product vision which has been hanging over you all this time disappears and you enter a phase of inspiration. You get involve in all processes because now this is your product you cannot ignore any of the problems and everywhere you put forward hypotheses about their solution. In fact I am still sure that this is how any product should work. But if earlier some of your decisions could be cut off for some reason by a person higher up now you are this same person. The ability to make decisions consciously thoughtfully and base on data not feelings is your new unlocke skill.

Just interviews with users

After all if you told the customer that the feature would be ready in weeks but the backend got the flu and didnt have time to respond to you. Or if the designer  suggeste Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data changing the color of the button and this reuce user loyalty answer you. But this also has its own pleasure. Yes now you are force to postpone the implementation of a super feature that you yourself designe because another less wonderful feature for users will bring more effects to the project.

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If no one has done this before

But now you are a juggler and you know how to not only prioritize cool features but also fulfill a functional contract with your actions bring money to the company and justify costs. In my case this juggler has to be reconcile with the internal UX designer so it pains me to hear from users and the team that this or that feature would be so helpful and so cool. But we have to Uganda Phone Number List remind ourselves that right now optional improvements will not improve our metrics and we have not yet met the mandatory goals. Lesson two metrics You always nee to understand that your actions le to something and depending on the result determine a strategy.

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