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Of a certain Toolroom hours ago Looking at the optical design you can close one of the input ports of the beam splitter. Coherent detection is also use in quantum optics to detect attenuate. Radiation for example a coherent state using a reference signal. Which provides amplification in the subtractive circuit of the detector. There is uncertainty in the amplitude and phase measurement results. Here there is no attenuate radiation the port is close.  Anywhere and serve as a source of randomness. hyperon hours ago Now Im thinking about the fact that. These are essentially not vacuum fluctuations. Since the reference signal is a coherent state after.

Uncertainty do not disappear

We split it into two signals with a beam splitter the difference in the number of detecte photons. In these signals is measure. It turns out that the classical signal is a source of entropy. Toloroloe hours ago Vacuum fluctuations are the source of entropy. The difference essentially Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data contains the uncertainty that inevitably arises as a result of measurement. Hyperon hours ago If we apply two classical signals with the same power to a balance photodiode then the output will be the same as for the situation describe in the article since shot noise is responsible for the randomness Shkaff hours ago So the shot noise is taken precisely from the quantum noise of the laser.

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Using the LempelZiv algorithm

Hyperon hour ago I agree it just dawne on me that essentially no vacuum fluctuations are being measure. Since the reference signal is a coherent state the number of photons in it is also undetermine which causes shot noise. In such a scheme the dispersion of the Taiwan Phone Number List number of photons in the reference signal is measure. In other words the source of entropy is quantum optical fluctuations of the classical signal. The thing is obvious I just never thought about it from this angle another is that vacuum quadratures are measure Shkaff hour ago Not quite in this case.

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