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The state treasury the result of his thoughts was the emergence of socalle premium bonds. Unlike ordinary government securities premium bonds did not offer any fixe coupon income. Instead their owners became participants in a monthly lottery in which interest Turkey WhatsApp Number Data on these same bonds and many cash prizes were awarde. The prizes range from to with no tax on the procees thus obtaine. The bond could be entere into monthly drawings days after its purchase until its maturity date and the government was obligate to repurchase these securities at par upon expiration.

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Premium bonds This original investment instrument was solemnly presente on the London Stock Exchange on November and the very first premium bond was purchase from the Postmaster General Dr. Charles Hill by the Lord Mayor of London Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd Turkey Phone Number List enriching the UK budget by pound sterling. The residents of Foggy Albion really like the novelty and soon premium bonds began to be in constant demand. By the end of approximately million bonds had been sold each with a unique serial number. Today more than million Britons own such securities . During the lotteries where the lucky winners were determine it was necessary to randomly select a large number of serial numbers of the winning bonds and in such.

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