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The privacy policy is so close that it hides the most important details. Lack of transparency is the main problem of financial services which do not clearly define the proceure for working with personal data. Sometimes even if the user makes an effort to read the privacy policy the information is not clearly state. For example Fintonic states in its core data policy in Spanish that personal data is not share with third parties. However our technical analysis shows that user information is at least use by trackers that are suitable for marketing purposes such as Google tools Appsflyer or Leanplum.

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Data protection lawyer Rahul Uttamchandani notes at least two violations of the GDPR Failure to provide require information obligation of transparency and failure to comply with processing principles processing without lawful basis. Lets look at the American company Splitwise. When you sign up for a Splitwise account the app collects a range of personal information El Salvador WhatsApp Number List including name email address phone number device type IP address and the option to sign up with Google account creentials allowing you to link your Google profile and Google contacts with consent. user with the application and vice versa. According to its privacy policy Splitwise uses this data to provide services to users as.

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Well as for activities such as analyzing user behavior marketing and promotions and to prepopulate form fields or save preferences for your convenience. Thirdparty agents service providers affiliates and subsidiaries of the application performing various functions such as maintenance database management cloud hosting web and mobile analytics receipt scanning and Luxembourg Mobile Phone Number OCR services access users personal information for certain purposes and are contractually obligate to comply with the apps privacy rules. In some cases where permitte by law Splitwise allows third parties to use the data to improve their own services such as performing optical character recognition OCR on users receipts to train algorithms.

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