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for example a thirdparty receipt scanning service may improve OCR quality your service by training the algorithm on the receipts you provide to Splitwise. Splitwise Privacy Policy When aske if the company uses any automate decisionmaking systems regarding user data Splitwise told us via email Splitwise does not use any automate decisions that create legal consequences or similarly significant consequences for our customers including profiling. In addition to the personal data collecte in the app Splitwise seeks to supplement the users profile by.

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Obtaining additional data from thirdparty services or crawling the Internet known as web scraping for other publicly available information adding it to its own data pool. For example according to the privacy policy if a user has a public avatar save on a service like Gravatar Cyprus WhatsApp Number List associate with their email the app may automatically populate your user avatar on Splitwise. Those users who prefer to use Do Not Track DNT a browser setting that asks a web applicationsite to stop tracking an individual user know that Splitwise will ignore such requests by default Splitwise  we provide to customers will continue to apply as describe in this Privacy.

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Policy regardless of whether a Do Not Track signal is receive. This isnt specific to Splitwise but rather part of a general lack of consensus and enforcement of the DNT request across many online services and sites as Chris Hoffman writes in RIP Do Not Track the Privacy Standard Everyone Ignore. Finally if a user decides to delete their account and erase data from Kuwait Phone Number List Splitwise the apps privacy policy states that it may take up to days to remove information from the companys servers as long as we have no legal basis or obligation to retain the record Splitwise Privacy Policy . Overall it can be said that Splitwises privacy policy and terms of service.

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