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Offer a sophisticate and fairly clear overview of the wide range of interactions between. Tthe service third parties and the user. We can tell that we are being profile. There is transparency about how user data is aggregate with thirdparty services as. Well as how it may be share leaving plenty of room for the person reading the policy to make. An informe decision about whether the app is right for them. The uncertainty and privacy risks associate with data transfers to the US. That are outside the jurisdiction of the GDPR the territory in which the GDPR. Applies are worth highlighting for EU users concerne about.

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How their personal data may be processe It was definitely a bumpy ride. The path to obtaining all this information was not easy. To find out from companies what user data they hold and how they handle it we use Data Subject Access Requests DSAR a legal toolproceure Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List under the GDPR that applies to all EU citizens meaning anyone can use it to request access to your data collecte and store by various institutions e.g. companies services government agencies etc In practice it is not so simple. Sometimes companies do not fully comply with the rules.

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When it comes to how such a request can be made and generally do not respond to all requests. DSAR allows us to learn many things. By exercising the right of access we have the right to obtain a copy of our personal data from the institution also calle the data controller Kenya Phone Number List as well as a number of information that concerns us as users. For example we have the right to know with which companies and services the data controller shares our data and for what purpose whether the company receive data about us from third parties whether any automate decision has been made regarding us that may affect us in any area of our lives.

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