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At the front you can use a deicate URL of type feature. demo netif you configure Spring Cloud Gateway in advance as shown above. Conclusion After implementing the branches feature there is no longer a nee to create a common branch in Git and deploy it to the master branch which significantly increase the ease of development and stability of the test environment. Direct deployment to the master branch is prohibite and its update occurs only if the artifact is rolle out for production since deployment and testing in the test environment is a mandatory step. The teams quickly adapte to the new work flow and began producing hundres of feature instances.

We have a monorepository

In order not to overwhelm the cluster separate nodes were allocate for them and a job was also written that cleans up the feature branches. It is also deploye to the Cuba cluster and runs via crown. A few numbers. As I said above there are now teams working Indonesia WhatsApp Number List on the project. At the same time the total number of feature branches excees units. Also a survey was conducte among developers about the ease of operationuse of the branches feature. One of the questions aske for a subjective rating on a fivepoint scale. The average rating was . which is very good.

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More than half of the engineers took part in the survey. After the implementation of the work branches feature the test environment began to work much more stable. We always have release versions of artifacts that are teste and work stably. That is now the Czech Republic Phone Number List team can safely deploy a snapshot version of the artifact without fear of breaking relate services. If any error occurs it occurs only in this snapshot version which allows it to be localize. Snapshot branches also allow you to.

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