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There is also a fly in the ointment in our decision . With the introduction of the branches feature the load on Jenkins increase which began to collect more snapshot artifacts. Also this approach does not completely solve the problem with external systems plus the complexity of development has increase slightly. At the moment the branch feature mechanism is implemente only for APIs but at the same time we still have databases queues and caches that have not yet been deploye. There are problems. We will think about how to do this beautifully and at the same time make it convenient to use.

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Tags kubernetes istio micro services Mega Fon smart watches smart speakers fitness bracelets and headphones increase in sales during the holidays minutes Gadgets Smart House Wearable electronics Russians are increasingly choosing not smartphones as gifts but other gadgets smart watches smart speakers fitness bracelets and wireless headphones. Their sales in India WhatsApp Number List monetary terms on the eve of March increase by . times compare to a normal week MegaFon told Habr. According to the combine retail network of MegaFon and Yota from March to March sales of gadgets increase by in units and by in monetary terms compare to the usual week of the year. During the preholiday week shoppers spent more the average bill increase by.

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The fastest growing sales categories during this period were digital accessories and smart speakers. The number of purchases of smart watches has double and fitness bracelets have triple. Top sellers include Infinix Watch XW Xiaomi Remi Watch Active Xiaomi Cyprus Phone Number List Smart Band Act. The traditional leader among accessories wireless headphones also showe growth sales increase by . Here on the list of the most frequent purchases are Xiaomi Remi Buds Lite and Active as well as Apple Airpods. Sales of smart speakers grew by in units and by in monetary terms. Most often buyers preferre Yandex Stations with Alice in the Light and Mini versions.

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