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Is a bland web page that provides few details about data protection and leads. To another page at the very end of the text entitle Legal Regime and data protection. It mixes the obligations that users have with the types of personal data that the app collects. This format is not userfriendly and cannot help people clearly understand how their personal information may be recorde and processe. Revolut may also make automate decisions about its users base on the products or services they use in the application. According to their privacy policy they may make automate decisions about.

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We do this to operate our services effectively and to ensure that decisions are fair consistent and base on correct information. This automate decisionmaking process has backfire several times already. Users of the Revolut app in Romania and other countries have pointe Bahrain WhatsApp Number List out this issue after their accounts were frozen due to automatic selection management. Did you have a puncture last night Tell your app about birth control pills Knowing whether a digital service is using algorithmic systems for any purpose is important because they dont see what a human sees. This means we may use technology that can assess your personal circumstances and other factors to preict risks or outcomes.

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Lets understand this with an example. While analyzing the data that companies sent us we came across a very specific case that made us wary. In the list of expenses of one of the users we found a note with the name Pranzo. If someone were to look at this particular set of expenses Bahrain Phone Number List they would quickly notice that the user was most likely talking about lunch because that is how the Italian word pranzo is translate into English. The problem is that in Spain pranzo is known as the name of a drug use to treat eating disorders such as anorexia.

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