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In Europe to the Unite States. According to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR sending app user data to the US. Or other continents is prohibite unless absolutely necessary or without permission as companies must guard our data. In a country that complies with data protection laws in Europe. You Nee a Budget YNAB is an expense tracking app that allows users. To categorize their spending into different categories and build a budget base on them. Linking a bank account and corresponding transactions is an option for users. Who prefer automatic synchronization rather than manually adding each transaction.

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The app has specific features such as adding deadlines to monthly bills for example. To pay for electricity or internet at home before the due date and even the ability to link a creit card and track its transactions. YNAB is available to users in European countries including Spain Belgium WhatsApp Number List France UK Germany Romania or Lithuania but the company is base in the USA Utah. Lets start with why this is important. In accordance with the Privacy Policy YNAB stores email receive during the registration process login information username and password account names balances transactions and storage for accounts associate with other financial services.

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They also process usage spending location data if users enable this feature and information from users devices. This information contact information address financial transactions banking information etc. is automatically sent to servers locate in the Unite States. YNAB confirme this to us in early February via email YNAB is a US company and our servers areĀ  locate Belgium Phone Number List in the US. Why is it important to indicate that personal data is store and processe in the USA and not under European jurisdiction There is a big problem with data transfers to the US the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA which has been repeately found to limit the data protection rights of EU residents.

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