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That made it possible to quickly get an idea of the tables. Architecture and identify issues and possible contradictions. Which was our goal. Results I trie to make a convenient tool that would help in real business cases. I will be glad to receive your feeback. Perhaps someone would like to participate in the development of the tool. Issues of quality and architecture of tabular data are important and must be addresse systematically. On the TODO list now think about deep optimization of calculations of potential keys perhaps take ideas from. FDtool think about ease of use what metrics are neee what method arguments to add etc. HOW TO BECOME AN AUTHOR.

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Testers who are you matche with Like insomnia at night a promotional. Code changes the appearance of your My fee All streams Development Administration Design Management. Marketing Scientific Pop Login My fee Fee settings POST IgnatChuker March at Cloud  services. The DataRu company has launche a new direction DataRu Cloud. The company claims access Kuwait Telegram Number Data to popular cloud services using the IaaS PaaS SaaS HaaS models base on its own hardware and integrate solutions the companys press service told Habrs information service. According to DataRu new cloud solutions are easily scalable.

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If necessary you can increase or decrease the amount of consume computing resources. As part of cloud solutions clients can be provide with a private cloud at the customers site data lake C system from the cloud corporate mail PAC rental work with GPU rental of equipment at the customers site backup and much more. You can read more on the companys website. Tags s ARTICLE badcaseaily March at Briefly about Nameko Python Simple min .K Python OTUS company blog Russia Whatsapp Number List Microservices Review Hello Habr Nameko as a framework for Python offers convenient abstractions and tools for creating message and eventoriente microservices. With Nameko you can get not only a tool for creating microservices but also.

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