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This can be completely calculate at once. Below in the case we will do just that and present the result in the form of a graph. But often it is a specific column that is of interest. One might wonder which sets of columns functionally define our target column. This again allows you to better understand the data architecture test hypotheses and identify inconsistencies in the data. A few words about normal forms in a simple way We are now ready to understand the first three normal forms NF that a table can be in. NF is a oneline header atomic values no duplicate rows no empty rows and columns.

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Well that is. minimum format requirements. This is a flat table. NF and NF require adherence to a more subtle principle A table is a story about a primary key . If some column tells about part of the primary key the normal form is violate. If one nonkey column tells about Korea Telegram Number Data another nonkey column the principle is again violate. In general the first three normal forms are logical. You should always remember them. But they are not always observe real data often requires denormalization. Normal forms above the third are interesting only from a theoretical point of view.

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Tools to help you understand flat table architecture Technically the following tools can be use MS Excel If there is nothing else pure Excel or its equivalent is use. Its advantage is that it is simple and allows simple hypotheses to be teste quickly. For example whether this set Romania Whatsapp Number List of columns is unique. But in general this is an ineffective tool for this class of tasks. Pivot table MS Excel Excel Pivot Tables are It should be note that these conclusions are not obvious. It was a solid theoretical basis and targete algorithms.

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