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Andres Reitman So that clients We didnt bother setting up SMTP and IMAP and everything worke out of the box. EmailEngine Email API The open source program was first available under the free AGPL license for installation on your server and the MIT license cost per year. Then the author completely switche to a commercial license and in the first month he sold seven licenses. Then he gradually increase the cost to and the number of users did not decrease.

The current cost of a license

Is per year so a dozen or two dozen clients is enough for an Estonian to live on. Andris says he use to be a romantic fool when he wrote open source and even refuse donations from large commercial users in order to maintain independence and not sell out. With age his Switzerland Mobile Number List views on life change somewhat especially when someone elses startup Nodemailer base on his open source software sold for million. It turns out that money is not as evil as young enthusiasts think. And only the transition to a commercial license albeit open source provide a stable income. Or about the same story.

Programmer Ellie Huxtable

Also quit her job for her open source project . She spent several years writing a utility calle Atuin to synchronize console command history search and backup supporte by Bash ZSH Fish and NuShell. The history of all commands is store in a single database preserving Switzerland Whatsapp Number List the launch context. It turne out that this is useful software for increasing productivity and thousands of people share this opinion judging by the number of stars on Github . Indee sometimes you desperately nee to find a command that was launche several months or years ago instead of composing it again through trial and error.

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