He wrote the Email Engine

He wrote  Since the program turne out to be in demand the project gradually became more than a hobby. The author improve the infrastructure for donations from sponsors on GitHub spoke at computer conferences and accepte PR from dozens of contributors.  The program is still open source and can be hoste on your own server but for the money it offers premium features in the cloud plus commercial licenses for businesses. Opening your own business is also.

Away to avoid professional burnout

Which very often overtakes open source maintainers . Pleasure not work In general the key question is what role does programming play in life is it a job or a hobby After all if you consider it mainly as a source of livelihood then it becomes very difficult to enjoy the process. This is akin Sweden Mobile Number List to the fact that it is almost impossible to be sincerely friends with your boss. Or with a person who can destroy you with a snap of his fingers. Its just that a persons brain is designe in such a way that he will not be able to get pleasure.

In C like IRCstyle minimalist

In conditions of addiction and vital addictions are perceive as a source of potential threat. Therefore for internal harmony it is useful for a professional developer Sweden Whatsapp Number List to have some hobby projects for the soul. For example how antirez Salvatore Sanfilippo author of the Reis DBMS and by the way also a science fiction writer recently wrote a minimal concept for the smallchat chat server just for himself and a few friends.

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