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Email API client  He trie to make the smallest possible chat server code competitions and was able to do it in just lines of code not counting spaces and comments Chat server smallchat The smallchat client is equally minimalistic. And other solo developers also show examples of such hobby projects which are sometimes made purely for themselves and sometimes for demonstration purposes for everyone. Some people post these projects in the public domain while others do not.

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Pull requests Keep in mind that most feature PRs will be rejecte. The point of this repository is to improve it step by step in the following videos see Latvia Mobile Number List first and second episodes.We will do refactoring during live sessions or explain in a video the nee for refactoring introduce more libraries to improve the internal working of the program linenoise rax etc. So if you want to improve the program as an exercise go ahead Great idea.

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The point of the program is gradual development in live sessions. Hobby projects remind you that programming is not only money but also a very Switzerland Whatsapp Number List interesting activity. We would gladly do it for free if we didnt pay for it. Writing apps for yourself is a bit like cooking at home. It seems like its not necessary but people do it for fun. Sometimes you want to go beyond simple consumption and create something with your own hands.

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